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Our services


* IGULink for machine state and downtime monitoring.

* DNCTabView and DNCWinView applications for managing additional information and attachments of NC-programs

* Modern, cloud based IguADC app for downtime, setup time alert reporting and production time visualization.

* The most modern automated data collection interfaces including MTConnect.

* We also offer siemens s7 plc mtconnect link data collection three-party systems. Compatibility MTCadapter from S7-1200 logic.

Support and maintenance

* We provide maintenance and expertise for older systems.

* If you have existing ADC or DNC licenses and you want to change them from one device to another we provide services for the transfer. We also offer alternative ADC and DNC solutions.

* We are able to solve most of the data transfer problems; also the ones which have been previously impossible to solve.

* We have over 15 years of experience.

* DNC and ADC hardware and data collection related PLC hardware and software modifications.

Help where the problem is

* We have extensive knowledge of connecting data transfer and data collection solutions all the way from modernizing paper tape readers to modern solution and installing data transfer and collection to most modern devices.

* We provide modification, re-connection and programming services to all common data collection and data transfer systems.

* We maintain and modernize also older devices and systems.

* We provide consultancy services when you are evaluating and deploying new DNC data transfer solutions.


Besides traditional solutions we provide also modern and unique solutions.

Data collection and production time data visualization.

IGULink solutions for automated data collection, downtime alarms and linking data collection to our partners -www.RepTile.fi- IguADC cloud service.

NC-program archiving with Android app.

DNCTabView Android app for managing NC-program additional info and attachments. The data is stored in a PC or a server. With DNCTabView you can also take and store pictures of the fastenings.

NC-program archiving solution for Windows.

DNCWinVIew solution for managing NC-programs additional info and attachments. Combined with the Android app, additional info and fastening picture management has never been this easy!

MTConnect Adapters and DNC and NC-data tranfers links.

We have a range of in-house and third party DNC-links for NC-program transfer for old and modern devices.

DNC and ADC accessories

DNC Interface cards, ADC logic controllers and spare parts


WebShop for Siemens S7-MTConnectadapter and NC-program data transsfer links. Installed. Over 6500 machines experience


We have over 15 years of experience in DNC data transfer and automated data collection deployment, modernizations and maintenance and service.

  • -2013

    Well established customer base for DNC and ADC maintenance

    * We provide rapid and proficient support services.

    * Initial ideas of in-house solutions.

  • 2013

    First own programs

    * IGULink solution for data collection and downtime alert released.

    * We start to re-sell and deploy affordable DNC editor and data transfer links.

  • 2014

    Well established customer base for in-house solutions.

    * DNCTabView for Android tablets and mobile phones published.

    * DNCWinView published. The application can be used as a standalone DNC archiving solution or together with DNCTabView.

  • 2014-2015

    Published cloud based automated data collection solution.

    * IguADC is developed in collaboration with our partner and it has been tailored based on our customers needs.

    * First deployment of IguADC cloud solution in January 2015.

  • 2015

    * MTConnect data collection link.

    * IguADC and DNCTabView for mobile phones.

  • 2016-2018

    * More wireless DNC solutions

    * Ltd 2017. Mtconnect adapter for Siemens S7-1200 PLC

Contact information

We provide swift and proficient support and instant quotes on our DNC and ADC solutions depending on the device or control type.

Jouni Myllys

+358-(0)40 556 2545


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Ask for a quote or send feedback and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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